Start date: 29 September 2023

End date: 30 September 2023

Location: Image generator / Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerp BEL

Two white marble stones dance toward their inevitable collision.
Most “single” stars in the night sky consist of two or more entities orbiting each other. Because of our distance from those celestial bodies, we only see them as a single point of light, as if they were one. However, as we get closer, we can observe multiple celestial bodies condemned to each other’s attraction… If we are indeed stardust, how do we dance around each other?

(cancelled) A PIECE OF 2

Start date: 10 October 2023

End date: 15 October 2023

Location: FAB festival - Bordeaux FRA

(CANCELLED) An attempt to balance human-sized boulders. For every new location, Steur uses locally sourced stone that he has never balanced before. The performance is ongoing for six hours a day. Sometimes it takes just a few hours but sometimes it can take him two days to balance one boulder. By disrupting the balance not long after (and continuing with the stone), Steur emphasizes the process rather than the result. Watch the MAKING OF.