We Do Matter – Belgian premiere

Start date: 14 November 2019

End date: 16 November 2019

Location: Playground festival STUK Leuven - BEL

“What happens when we disrupt or accelerate a natural process (such as the splitting of stone due to erosion)? And if I split a stone, are there then two new stones or two halves? When are they, and we, attached?”. Visual artist Matea Bakula and artist/performer Nick Steur asked the question: what if we take the materials chemical polyurethane and raw stone – materials we regularly work with and are incredibly attached to – and seek to combine them? Can these materials adhere to each other, despite their enormous differences? We Do Matter consists of both a performance and an installation in which material and people seek connection.

FULL MOON FOCUS #5 – in frames

Date: 11 November 2019

Location: KANS - Brussels BEL

Every other month Steur curates and presents FULL MOON FOCUS, a joyful, magical and nocturnal gathering of different artists sharing their illuminated perspective. This edition we enjoy the framing methods of all affiliated SoAP Maastricht artists: Johannes Bellinkx, Benjamin Vandewalle, Rita Hoofwijk, Breg Horemans (TAAT) and Nick Steur. Full Moon Focus events are produced by SoAP Maastricht.


Start date: 5 October 2019

End date: 6 November 2019

Location: PARK Tilburg - NLD

During the first edition of Performance Art Weekend organised by PARK Tilburg and NWE Vorst, Steur performs FREEZE. It’s all about concentration and “finding the balance between your own force of will, and that of the stone”.

FREEZE dolmen

Date: 22 October 2019

Location: Grealou (Paths of Santiago de Compostela) FRA

On the paths of Santiago de Compostela, Le Hublot festival organised art and performances. In three days Steur created a special FREEZE edition for Le Hublot. Its audience experienced a walk to megalithic menhirs and dolmen, dragging stones along the way. We rebuild a site that has collapsed, marking it again for future generations.

FULL MOON FOCUS #4 – in stone

Date: 14 September 2019

Time: 20.00

Location: KANS - Brussels BEL

On behalf of David Van Reybrouck I’d like to invite you to be part of the upcoming edition of our Full Moon gathering, Full Moon Focus #4: In Stone. We will start with a live drawing, made by visual artist Filip Berte. From there writer and poet Peter Vermeersch, artist Lodewijk Heylen, climber and writer Mark Sebille and me, performing artist Nick Steur, will guide you through a full moon evening, not yet set in stone.


Date: 20 August 2019

Location: Jerusalem puppet festival - Jerusalem ISR

It’s all about concentration and “finding the balance between your own force of will, and that of the stone”.

FULL MOON FOCUS #3 – in touch

Date: 17 July 2019

Time: 19.30

Location: KANS - Brussels BEL

#3 – IN TOUCH – Joris Van Oosterwijk, Alexander Vantournhout & David Van Reybrouck

FULL MOON FOCUS is an initiative of David Van Reybrouck and Nick Steur and happens every two months during you guessed it – full moon! Enjoy an evening with contemplative art and performances at KANS – Kunst Atelier Nick Steur.  If you would like to join please send an email to nicksteur@gmail.com.



Start date: 5 July 2019

End date: 7 July 2019

Location: Les Tombées de la Nuit - Rennes FRA

During the festival Les tombées de la nuit in Rennes France, Steur performs FREEZE. It’s all about concentration and “finding the balance between your own force of will, and that of the stone”.

FREEZE – 50 sculptures 100 stones

Date: 30 June 2019

Time: 11.00 -unknown

Location: parc de Bruxelles - Brussels BEL

For a whole day on a long stretch of grass in the Royal Park, Steur performs a special edition of FREEZE. He creates fifty sculptures. Each sculpture is composed of two stones, chosen by the passers-by out of a hundred. It’s all about concentration and “finding the balance between your own force of will, and that of the stone”.

WE DO MATTER (project presentation)

Start date: 7 June 2019

End date: 8 June 2019

Location: KANS - Brussels BEL

A performative piece by Nick Steur and Matea Bakula is in creation. In WE DO MATTER both artist manipulate the materials they often work with; stone and pur. Materials that are chemically so far apart from each other, now brought together. They will give a first glimpse of the project during two afternoons including lunch and aftertalk with the artists. By invitation only. By professional interest: please send an email to nicksteur@gmail.com